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In a space of one year, Jonny Bairstow has gone from being pilloried as a reserve batsman, with an average of 26 in Tests and not even the best keeper in Yorkshire, to becoming a pillar, a principal one at that for this England side.

When he scores 63 runs in Chennai this week against India in the fifth Test of the five match Indian Test series, he will be breaking a new record.

So far, 2016 has seen Bairstow score no less than 1,420 runs in Tests, with only Michael Vaughan topping the record in scoring more runs for England in a calendar year, a feat which he achieved in 2002, where he batted sublimely at home against India and in Australia.

He has so far enjoyed one more innings only holding a 27 in contrast to the 26 held by Vaughan, and he has been quite handicapped by having to keep wicket as well.

But Bairstow, last August in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, had noted that if he were a specialist batsman, he would then spend all of his time thinking about batting, which to him, was not healthy or sustainable in the lest, taking from the examples of Jonathan Trott and Nick Compton.

It seems Bairstow has seen a lot of days under the helmet, to make him forget the number of runs he needs.

“Yeah, it would mean quite a lot but I don’t actually know how many I am away,” he said before being told the number.

“That would be amazing but I can’t be thinking about 62 runs. I want to try and score hundreds in this last Test match.”

“Having got to 89 already on this trip, and got past 50 a couple of times, I want to try and get a hundred in this series.”

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