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Nasser Hussain on Vince and Hales Drop from Team

Nasser Hussain reckons in case the likes of Vince and Hales miss out on making the national squad for the coming subcontinent trips, they can’t say that they have been hard done by.

However, according to Hussain, if he was the chief of the selection panel, he would consider keeping Hales in the line-up as he was consistent in the first half of the season and had built match changing opening partnership versus Pakistan in Birmingham as well.

For England, a new opening batsman has come into the mix every season as far as the last 5 or 6 seasons are concerned and the selection panel can’t settle onto one as whomever they are roping in loses form after a good knock or two. But, Hussain says there’s got to be a bloke they have to look at and decide that this is the bloke who is going to be there for slightly more time than the others even if he doesn’t churn out centuries and Hales is the bloke who can give you that feeling as a selector as you have seen him show grit at times.

Hussain doesn’t have a negative take on Vince either as he believes that the talent of the Sussex man makes him a fit to represent the national side in whites, but, in the views of Hussain, a sorted mind set is also essential for the longest form of the game other than the batting skills and Vince doesn’t look like having that as he has often been unable to stabilise himself after beginning his innings well. So, someone in the higher ranks may have to let him know the bitter truth about his brief career.

After seven straight test matches, the average of Vince is under 20.

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